Module: D_GO:0002694
    Name = regulation of leukocyte activation
    Definition = Any process that modulates the frequency, rate, or extent of leukocyte activation.

Response module--------
    Number of tumors that hit the module: 45
    Number of genes in the module: 20
    Genes in the module: CCL19; CCR2; CD2; CD27; CD38; CD40; FAS; GPAM; IGF1; IL33; IL6; IL7; IL7R; SIT1; SNCA; SPINK5; TAC1; TGFBR2; TLR4; XCL1;
    Modu-hit surivval risk:-------

Perturbation module-------
    Number of genes in the module: 23
    Genes in the module: ARID1A(4s); LSR(2s, 1c); CCDC6(3c); SMAD2(1s, 1c); SH3BP4(2s); LDOC1(2c); SATB1(2s); PROX1(2s); HDAC1(1c); GTF3C1(1s); DAXX(1c); TFAP2B(1s); PGR(1s); MYT1(1s); EP300(1s); E2F4(1s); E2F1(1s); NRIP1(1c); CITED4(1c); YWHAQ; GATA1; SFN; ATF4;

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