Module: D_GO:0007268
    Name = synaptic transmission
    Definition = The process of communication from a neuron to a target (neuron, muscle, or secretory cell) across a synapse.

Response module--------
    Number of tumors that hit the module: 368
    Number of genes in the module: 21
    Genes in the module: ADRB2; BCHE; CAV2; CRHBP; EGR3; FGF2; GLRA3; GNAI1; GRIK1; HTR2A; KCNB1; KCNC2; KCNH8; KCNIP2; KCNJ16; MAOA; NPY2R; NPY5R; NTF3; SCN2B; TAC1;
    Modu-hit surivval risk:-------

Perturbation module-------
    Number of genes in the module: 32
    Genes in the module: TP53(152s); ERBB2(4s, 51c); GRB7(3s, 51c); MED1(42c); PTK2(3s, 37c); NUDCD1(1s, 34c); TCEB1(27c); ATF6(2s, 23c); THRA(1s, 18c); DAP3(3s, 13c); ARHGEF2(3s, 11c); EPRS(2s, 11c); NCOA6(4s, 5c); FANCA(6s, 2c); PARP1(1s, 7c); ERBB2IP(3s, 4c); PAK1(2s, 5c); EPHB1(4s, 2c); USP36(3s, 3c); CSNK2A2(1s, 4c); SRF(1s, 3c); SMAD2(3s, 1c); SOX9(2s, 2c); HSP90AA1(2s, 2c); GAPDH(3c); ATF2(2s, 1c); POU2F1(1s, 2c); HIF1A(1s, 1c); POU2F2(2s); JUN(1s); TAF10; GATA1;

    Color Codes: