Module: D_GO:0012501
    Name = programmed cell death
    Definition = A process which begins when a cell receives an internal or external signal and activates a series of biochemical events (signaling pathway). The process ends with the death of the cell.

Response module--------
    Number of tumors that hit the module: 257
    Number of genes in the module: 23
    Genes in the module: ARHGEF4; BMX; CIDEA; CIDEC; CITED1; DAPL1; DNASE1L3; DSG3; FGF2; GAS1; GAS2; GSN; IL6; KIT; LGALS12; NGFR; PAK7; PPP2R2B; PRKD1; TGFBR2; TNS4; TP63; ZBTB16;
    Modu-hit surivval risk:-------

Perturbation module-------
    Number of genes in the module: 46
    Genes in the module: OTUD7B(3s, 22c); SNRPE(23c); AZIN1(1s, 21c); MAFG(9c); MLL2(7s, 1c); USP15(3s, 5c); SMARCA4(6s, 1c); NCOR2(3s, 3c); CUL2(6c); FANCA(4s, 2c); ELF3(2s, 3c); FANCG(1s, 4c); BRD7(1s, 4c); KRT1(4s); CCNA2(2s, 2c); MCM6(2s, 2c); USF1(1s, 2c); SIN3A(3s); LSM4(1s, 2c); E2F6(1s, 2c); GTF2F1(3c); E2F1(2s, 1c); POU2F1(1s, 2c); HIF1A(1s, 1c); FANCC(1s, 1c); RPA1(1s, 1c); TCEB2(2c); GTF2I(1s, 1c); FLI1(2s); POLR2A(2s); TAF7(1s, 1c); AHR(1s, 1c); TFCP2(1s, 1c); TCERG1(1c); JUN(1s); ZNF24(1c); RBBP4(1c); VDR; KRT31; C7orf64; TAF10; CEBPA; HIF1AN; KLF1; SRRM1; CDK1;

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