Module: D_GO:0019932
    Name = second-messenger-mediated signaling
    Definition = Any intracellular signal transduction in which the signal is passed on within the cell via a second messenger; a small molecule or ion that can be quickly generated or released from intracellular stores, and can diffuse within the cell. Second-messenger signaling includes production or release of the second messenger, and effectors downstream of the second messenger that further transmit the signal within the cell.

Response module--------
    Number of tumors that hit the module: 189
    Number of genes in the module: 20
    Genes in the module: ADM; ADRB2; CD36; EDN1; EDN3; EDNRB; FOXO1; FZD7; GSN; HTR2A; IGF1; NMUR1; NR4A1; P2RY12; PDE2A; PDGFRA; PIK3C2G; PTGER4; RCAN1; SSTR1;
    Modu-hit surivval risk:-------

Perturbation module-------
    Number of genes in the module: 39
    Genes in the module: TCEB1(19c); UBE2W(17c); TERF1(13c); NBN(12c); NIT1(10c); VDAC2(2s, 6c); PARD6B(1s, 6c); SORBS3(2s, 4c); WRN(5c); NUP93(1s, 4c); MBD1(1s, 4c); UBC(4s, 1c); TSG101(1s, 3c); DTX3(4c); PLEKHF2(1s, 3c); KPNB1(4c); MAX(3s, 1c); GTF3A(1s, 3c); RNF2(4c); ATF7IP(2s, 1c); DLG5(1s, 2c); KPNA3(1s, 2c); GTF2H1(1s, 2c); RNF41(2s, 1c); TFAP2A(2s, 1c); MSH2(2s); RFC1(2s); HIF1A(1s, 1c); CBX4(1s, 1c); SH3GL2(2s); PAN2(2s); GPBP1L1(1s, 1c); ATF2(1s, 1c); CLN3(1s); XRCC6(1s); RAC1(1c); ESR1(1s); PRLR; TCEA2;

    Color Codes: