Module: D_GO:0045087
    Name = innate immune response
    Definition = Innate immune responses are defense responses mediated by germline encoded components that directly recognize components of potential pathogens.

Response module--------
    Number of tumors that hit the module: 78
    Number of genes in the module: 21
    Genes in the module: C1S; C3; C4BPA; C6; C7; CASP1; CCR2; CFD; CFI; CFP; DEFB1; FOS; IGKC; IGKV1-5; IL18RAP; PELI2; PPARG; PRKD1; S100B; SAA1; TLR4;
    Modu-hit surivval risk:-------

Perturbation module-------
    Number of genes in the module: 43
    Genes in the module: MAFG(5c); ABCC9(3s, 1c); MCPH1(3c); POLR3D(3c); POLR3B(2s, 1c); RAF1(1s, 2c); E2F6(1s, 2c); NASP(1s, 2c); E2F1(2s, 1c); MYT1(1s, 2c); HIST1H4A(2c); YWHAQ(2c); SUMO1(1s, 1c); UBE2D4(2c); PPARGC1A(2s); POLR3F(1s, 1c); AEBP2(2c); IKZF5(2c); LDOC1(2c); KHSRP(2s); RNF111(1s, 1c); SH3BP4(2s); LUC7L2(1s, 1c); UBE2D1(2c); RFC2(2c); GTF2F1(2c); HDAC1(1c); SMAD7(1c); RBM9(1s); DAXX(1c); CCT7(1c); CCDC59(1c); MOBKL3(1s); EEF1G(1c); RBBP4(1c); RAD51(1s); KAT2B; EZH2; GTF2A1L; NR3C1; tat; KAT5; SFN;

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