Module: U_GO:0006954
    Name = inflammatory response
    Definition = The immediate defensive reaction (by vertebrate tissue) to infection or injury caused by chemical or physical agents. The process is characterized by local vasodilation, extravasation of plasma into intercellular spaces and accumulation of white blood cells and macrophages.

Response module--------
    Number of tumors that hit the module: 46
    Number of genes in the module: 24
    Genes in the module: ADAM8; CCL11; CCL17; CCL7; CCR5; CCR7; CXCL10; CXCL11; CXCL13; CXCL9; CYBB; FN1; IL18; IL2RA; ITGAL; ITGB2; LYZ; NCF1; OLR1; PTAFR; S100A8; TLR8; TNFRSF4; TNFSF4;
    Modu-hit surivval risk:-------

Perturbation module-------
    Number of genes in the module: 7
    Genes in the module: CCNE1(4c); SMARCC2(2s, 1c); SGK1(3s); SMARCC1(1s); NEDD4(1s); RRN3(1c); GATA1;

    Color Codes: