Module: U_GO:0007067
    Name = mitosis
    Definition = A cell cycle process comprising the steps by which the nucleus of a eukaryotic cell divides; the process involves condensation of chromosomal DNA into a highly compacted form. Canonically, mitosis produces two daughter nuclei whose chromosome complement is identical to that of the mother cell.

Response module--------
    Number of tumors that hit the module: 328
    Number of genes in the module: 26
    Genes in the module: ANLN; ASPM; AURKA; BIRC5; BUB1B; CCNA2; CCNB2; CDC6; CDCA3; CDCA5; CEP55; CIT; FAM83D; KIF11; KIF15; KIF23; KIF2C; NCAPH; NDC80; NEK2; NUF2; OIP5; PBK; PTTG1; TPX2; UBE2C;
    Modu-hit surivval risk:-------

Perturbation module-------
    Number of genes in the module: 38
    Genes in the module: TP53(157s); YWHAZ(53c); FADD(45c); PTK2(2s, 42c); MED1(39c); TAF4(23c); ENY2(20c); ILF2(2s, 16c); GAB2(2s, 12c); TH1L(3s, 11c); MED21(14c); AATF(14c); RB1(9s, 4c); ETV6(2s, 11c); PIK3R1(12s); HGS(3s, 8c); MDM2(2s, 8c); TFDP1(1s, 9c); KIAA0232(5s, 4c); MYLK(6s, 1c); UBC(6s, 1c); PAK1(2s, 5c); SUPT3H(6c); TRIM28(2s, 4c); AR(4s, 2c); ARID3B(4s, 1c); GAPDH(4c); TSC1(3s, 1c); TRRAP(4s); HDAC9(3s); GTF2B(3c); CDC25B(3s); POU2F2(3s); ARAF(2c); XRCC6(1s, 1c); MEPCE(2c); MAPT(1s); PRKCZ;

    Color Codes: